TezFiles Premium Account Is it Worth the Investment?

What is TezFiles?

TezFiles is one of the many file hosters or cloud storage providers out in the market today. TezFiles offers a secure and convenient way of keeping your files accessible anytime and anywhere. You can upload all file types, access it for later, send it to your family, friends, or colleagues. The best thing about TezFiles is that you can access your files through your multiple devices provided you have a connection to the internet. 

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Cloud Storage

It’s like carrying your own storage devices everywhere with you minus the actual bulky storage devices or hard drives to occupy space in your bags.

Benefits of Using TezFiles

Using TezFiles can bring efficiency and convenience to you. Some of the notable benefits are TezFiles ability to offer you unlimited storage space, it’s easy to use interface, convenient file sharing capabilities, and most importantly their commitment security of both sensitive user and credit information and the files uploaded.

Unlimited Storage

Do you still keep tons of hard drives? Do you subscribe to multiple file hosters because they cannot provide your needed storage space with the right cost? The good news is, you don’t need to sign up with a lot of file hosters just to satisfy your file hosting needs.TezFiles offers unlimited storage space for all of your storage space needs. Upload all file types ranging from photos to videos, to heavy file size movies. No need to carry and keep bulky hard drives. You don’t also need to worry about getting your USB stick lost. Keep all your files secured in one place.

User-friendly Interface

Do you get intimidated when hearing the word cloud storage and files hoster? Or do you still carry flash drives with you just because you don’t understand how these new technologies work? TezFIles is created to target users with little to no understanding of how to file hoster works, TezFIles aimed to program their website to be as user-friendly as possible. Student users and people from the older generation will find TezFiles’ interface to be easy to understand and easy to use. You do not need to be tech-savvy to understand how this file hoster works. Through simple clicks, you will be able to download and upload all the files that you need. 

Convenient File Sharing

If you are one of those people who have family and friends across the globe, or you are a freelancer working for an employer from a different part of the country, and you need to share files but sharing through email file attachment does not work, TezFiles is for you. Through the use of a share link or data URL, you can share your files with anyone you intend to. Once they gain access to the shared link, they will be able to see your file. This feature made file sharing more convenient and efficient. Gone are the days that you need to look for alternatives on how you can transfer and share without subjecting it to email file restrictions.

Secure File Hosting

One of the most important considerations in getting a file hoster is the security it can provide for your data and files. Through the use of the share link or data URL, users have control over whomever they will share their files with. Transferring and sharing files offer no limitation per user. You can share with whomever you want, without limit on the number of people. 

Another layer of protection provided by TezFiles is through its 128-bit file transfer encryption. Encryption provides maximum protection against data theft and assurance to users that no one except the user and those who have access to the data URL will have access to the file. Encryption is guaranteed as one of the proven and most effective ways of protecting your files from possible data theft. 

TezFiles Premium Features

Getting your TezFiles Premium account is so easy, it will not take more than five (5) minutes of your time. There are two (2) easy ways to sign up, first is through the registration form. Just provide a valid email address and an alphanumeric password and you’re good to go. The second option is through linking your Google account to the TezFiles. 

TezFiles Registration Page

Maximum Download Speed and Download Accelerators

The most annoying thing is that when you urgently need a file and the download speed is just too slow. The great thing about TezFiles Premium is that you don’t have to endure waiting too long for your download to finish. TezFiles offers maximum download speed for its premium subscribers, enjoy instant file download depending on the speed of your internet provider. 

Simultaneous Downloads

Unlike in free accounts where users can download files one at a time, TezFiles Premium account boasts a simultaneous download capability. No need to wait for your current download to finish before starting another, and say yes to increased efficiency. Another plus point when you consider upgrading to a premium account.

Supported with Download Resume Feature

Another feature missed by free account users is the download resume feature. Have you experienced waiting for a file to finish download to eventually losing connection, interrupting the download progress, and eventually stopping? How frustrating right? With the TezFiles Premium account, users do not need to worry that their download progress will be put to waste. Upgrade to a TezFiles Premium account now to utilize this feature.

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Anti-virus Checker

As an added protection to TezFiles’ main data server, client data, and to client uploaded files, TezFiles offers a mandatory virus and malware check before the upload process. Through this feature, files and data stored in TezFiles’ main data servers are well protected against possible malware infections. 

Larger Storage Space

Both TezFiles’ free and premium accounts are offered with unlimited storage space, but the distinguishing feature is that TezFiles Premium offers a larger single file size limit of 10 GB. 

Ad-Free Downloads

Ads are a pretty useful thing nowadays but another frustrating thing for free account users is the frequency of ad displays per click. If you are one of those people that gets frustrated, TezFiles Premium is for you. Say goodbye to frustrating ads and enjoy the file hosting service at its fullest. 

Offered TezFiles Premium Account Packages

TezFiles offers three (3) premium account options with the same features but varies on the subscription period.

Plan PackagesCool 30 DaysCool 90 DaysCool 365 Days
Subscription Period30 Days90 Days365 Days
Package Cost (Charged Monthly)19.99 USD16 USD10.83 USD

While it is not necessary to upgrade in a premium account, a TezFiles Premium Account offers great features not available in a free account that will surely give you your money’s worth.

Accepted Payment Options

To ensure the safety and security of TezFiles’ users, they only collect user information upon sign up, placing an order, subscribing to newsletters, and when answering surveys. TezFiles implement different security measures to ensure the safety of every personal information collected. First, TezFiles use a secure server where all of the user data is kept. Transmission of all sensitive user information and credit information is done with the applications of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol and subsequently encrypted in TezFiles’ payment gateway provider. TezFiles assures users that only authorized personnel can access sensitive user and credit information.

The accepted Payment options are through:

  1. Major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and JCB the accepted payment options via credit card transaction. These are also well secured through Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.
  2. WebMoney – TezFiles also accepts payments made through WebMoney an online payment settlement system.
  3. Bitcoin – Another accepted option is through Bitcoin.
  4. Resellers – TezFiles partnered with several resellers all over the world with their payment options that are locally available in the country that they are selling.

Final Thoughts on TezFiles Premium Account

Getting a file hosting service provider seems to be an intimidating task for most people, accompanied by pressure and the increasing need to get one. Finding the right file hoster that fits your file hosting needs that securely keeps and protects your files is not an easy task given that there are a lot of file hosters out in the market today. The great thing is that today, you found out that you do not need to look further, TezFiles is here for you! So try it out and tell us about your amazing experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does TezFiles charge recurring premium subscription fees?

Yes, TezFiles automatically collects recurring premium subscription fees, however, users are free to cancel their subscription anytime. Users will have access to their files until the subscription is canceled.

Are there file limitations and restrictions?

Yes, with TezFiles, you can upload all file types that you need and want. However, there are certain limitations to the file content that can be uploaded. Users cannot upload files with adult content, files intended for pornographic use, files with nudity, files with malicious and immoral content, and copyrighted files.

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